service contracts

In conjunction with our service partner, service contracts are available for GentleLase, GentleYAG and Vbeam.


Service Contract price range: $5,500 – $7,500/year per laser


Service Contract excerpts:


PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Preventative Maintenance will be performed 2 times per year from the effective date of service agreement. Alignment of the laser system, cleaning of the laser system launch optics and calibration of the laser power delivered to tissue will be performed during the first “REQUEST SERVICE” visit or each half year segment of the agreement. Preventative maintenance will be scheduled in the event a six month period passes where no repairs are required.


REQUESTED SERVICE: When the System Owner requests service to the laser system, response within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) after the owner reports the issue. Provide support and if determined to be necessary, send a Field Service Engineer to the System Owner’s facility as rapidly as transportation allows, normally within 48-72 hours. All services under this agreement shall be performed on the owner’s premises, excepting those cases where it’s determine more efficacious results may be obtained by conducting services at an alternative location during normal daytime business hours.


REPLACEMENT PARTS: This Agreement will cover the replacement of all failed parts except those that fail as a result of abuse, abnormal usage improper operation or improper maintenance of the system by any individual not authorized.

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